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1. Comparing Reliability: ISDN vs Internet

2. Reflections on the State of Live Audio Networking

3. Cost of Bi-Directional Pro Audio over IP vs ISDN

4. Let's Talk IP Codecs

5. Dealing with that Annoying Slap-Back, Slap-Back

6. Test Your Line, Check Your Signal Path, Eat a Mint...

7. Clik-Clik-SQUEEK! Troublesome ISDN Connections

8. "Y're br aking u-pp" Troublesome IP Audio Connections

9. Hello-Hello. Can You Hear Me Now? Your Codec Meters Matter.

10. No Arguing! Configure Codecs So They Agree With Each Other.

11. Audio Coding Algorithms Part 1: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

12. Audio Coding Algorithms Part 2: DEEP SCIENCE!

13. ISDN: A Love-Hate Relationship

14. Boom! Zap! Lightning Strikes and Voltage Spikes

15. Use Your ISDN Codec as a POTS Phone Patch

16. Meters Matter Part 2: Keep Your Levels Strong.

17. IP Codec Delay: Awkward Pauses and Verbal Collisions

18. Dream A Little Dream - Beyond Copper Wires

19. Troubleshooting Your Codec: Rear Access Is Key

20. The Motorola BitSurfr Pro: A Cheap & Useful ISDN Tool

21. The Lucent 970U ISDN Phone: Cheap & Useful ISDN Tool II

22. Can You Sling the ISDN/IP Lingo?

23. ISDN Connection Anomaly - Strange Behavior

24. ISDN Long Distance Provider @#*% Routing Tables

25. Loop-back Connections: Essential Tests for ISDN & Source-Connect

26. Gimme Bandwidth! (More Bits Are Better)

27. WAKE UP! (Your ISDN Codec, That Is...)

28. In Or Outside The Box: Is it the Codec or the Network?

29. Disappearing Copper: ISDN & POTS Service At Risk

30. IP Codecs: Main or Backup/Alternate?

31. Codec Manuals: Find The 2 or 3 Sweet Pages.

32. Luci Live App: iPad iPhone Wireless IP Codec

33. IP codecs: For Better Or Worse - The New Frontier

34. Musings On The Fiber Phase-In

35. ISDN Ordering: Persistence, Patience Required

36. The End Of ISDN? Reports Of Its Demise Premature

37. Internet Reliability Shows Gradual Improvement

38. iPhone IP Live Audio App: Luci Live

39. iAudioInterface2 For iOS - Battery Powered!

40. Tether Theory

41. Codecs I Have Known, Part 1: APT-X

42. Codecs I Have Known, Part 2: AC-2 aka DolbyFax

43. Codecs I Have Known, Part 3: MPEG


45. Luci Live: A Hand-Held Codec

46. Hosting POTS Conference Calls With Your ISDN Codec

47. Diversity Routing: The Killer App For Internet Reliability?

48. Ditch ISDN For Free IP Codecs! - Good Idea?

49. Verizon Centrex Loophole Keeps ISDN Alive in NE USA!

50. IP Codec Compatibility Test: Suprima & Z/IP

51. IP Codec Compatibility Test: Suprima & Tieline Merlin

52. Net Neutrality vs Quality of Service For IP Codecs

53. IP Codecs Getting More Respect As ISDN Gets Less

54. Opus Gains Acceptance Among Codec Mfrs.

55. Making Connections and Bridging the ISDN/IP Gap

56. Source-Connect Now Beta Review

57. A Lesson: Diversify Your IP Codecs

58. Live Audio Networking: Still Totally Cool

59. ISDN BRI-Firendly Provider In The US? ISDN PRI Options

60. Good Old ISDN Under Pressure

61. ISDN & IP Codec List

62. Let's Review

63. ISDN Survives Like Vinyl

64. Fun With Facts About Latency

65. Of Codec Connection Protocols

66. You Must Remember This

67. IP Codecs & Spy vs Spy: The Plot Thickens

68. ISDN PRI Characteristics

69. Network Bonding For Internet Reliability & Security

70. Network Bonding For Internet Reliability & Security II

71. Network Bonding With Viprinet

72. Cutting The ISDN Cord?

73. Sprint Long Distance Calling It Quits

74. Vzn Pulls Plug on ISDN BRI in NY - Get PRI?

75. A Common IP Codec

76. Network Bonding: ISDN Reliability For SC

77. Using the SC VPN Client At Studio/Home and On The Road

79. Correction: AT&T Not Offering Discount Data Calling Blocks. SE Has Solution

80. Hello-Hello? Can You Hear Me Now? Codec Meters Matter.

81. ISDN After 25+ Years

82. Virtual ISDN Available Now

83. Welcome to 2018 ISDN